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WWE Payback Starts a New Tradition

The WWE is well known for its two television shows on subscriber television: Raw and SmackDown. They also commonly air about one pay-per-view each month to provide their viewers with themed matches. In general, the pay-per-view shows are named after the main match. For instance, the Royal Rumble pay-per-view features the Royal Rumble match. This popular event puts a large number of wrestlers in the ring at the same time. Wrestlers are eliminated by throwing them over the ropes. The last wrestler in the ring wins. So how does the new pay-per-view, Payback, come into play?

A Name Change

The Payback pay-per-view isn’t new per se. In fact, there has been a pay-per-view in the middle of June for many years. Before this year, though, the pay-per-view went by the name of Over the Limit. This pay-per-view, along with several others, has been dropped from the WWE line-up. Instead, Payback has been added to the roster of pay-per-views. There was initially some confusion over the name of this pay-per-view, but as the matches were named, the reason for this name change has become quite clear. This show isn’t following the same naming trend as the other WWE events, but there is a good reason for the change.

The Meaning Behind the Name

When you look at the roster of matches for Payback, you will notice there are some strong rivalries present. For instance, you will see John Cena battle against Ryback in a Three Stages of Hell match. You will also see Chris Jericho face off against C.M. Punk. Finally, one of the other primary matches puts Wade Barrett, the Miz and Fandango against each other in a triple threat match. So what is the common thread between these matches? In each of these matches, fans will see the results of a rivalry that has been going on for some time. This puts real meaning behind the name of the show.

Is It Worth Watching?

Whenever there is a change to the way pay-per-views are handled, fans sometimes question whether it is worth watching. When you think about the great rivalries that have existed in the WWE for its entire existence, you understand what great matches often come from these rivalries. Because Payback seems to be all about rivalries and paying the other wrestler back for behavior in the past, this pay-per-view promises to be quite a show for viewers. With all the ways to watch the pay-per-view, there’s no reason to miss this one. You can gain access to these pay per view events through your DirecTV service picking up the pay-per-view service.  If you have yet to sign up for DirecTV http://www.saveontvdirect.com can help save you a few dollars on new subscriptions and channel packages.

If you are a WWE fan who is used to the way pay-per-views have been run in the past, Payback is a little different, though you will still have some amazing matches to enjoy, much better than you will see during the weekly shows available on networks. While the WWE has a tendency to try out pay-per-views only to drop them in a year or two, it remains to be seen if this pay-per-view will become one in their regular rotation. With great pay-per-views, such as the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania, the WWE has a strong presence in the pay-per-view arena. Payback should prove to be one for the record books!