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Autographed items are selling fast!


CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR AUTOGRAPHED 8X10’S and AUTOGRAPHED POSTERS! Posters and 8x10s are going fast! Orders started going out last week! Once they are sold they will be gone forever and will not be sold again. Every single 8×10 photo and poster is signed by Barbie!  Have you received your autographed item? Tweet it to http://www.twitter.com/BarbiesStore and include…

WWE Payback Starts a New Tradition

The WWE is well known for its two television shows on subscriber television: Raw and SmackDown. They also commonly air about one pay-per-view each month to provide their viewers with themed matches. In general, the pay-per-view shows are named after the main match. For instance, the Royal Rumble pay-per-view features the Royal Rumble match. This…

Barbie’s b-day

Today’s a especial day for our girl Barbie Blank, as she’s turning 26 years old. At her age, most of her childhood dreams have already come true and she’s now a role model for thousands of young girls. Make sure you wish her a Happy Birthday on Twitter.www.twitter.com/TheBarbieBlank